The following activities are going on in our FPC to provide the best knowledge to farmers and develop the agricultural status of the rural areas of Nadia.

Provide Seeds

Provide good quality seeds in jute, vegetables, and fruits to the members, as also fertilizers, pesticides, and organic manures at a reasonable price.

Provide Training

Provide training to the farmers in advanced techniques in cultivation and agricultural practices which would not only help them to reduce the cost of farming but also increase productivity and yield.

Organic Farming

Facilitating the scope of organic farming in the cultivation of paddy, fruits, and vegetables and link with domestic and export markets.


Facilitate the farmer members in their existing fisheries, goatery, poultry, and cow-milk projects with direct market linkages for better earnings.


Support Your Local Farmers

“The Farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at retail, Sells everything at wholesale, and pays the frieght both ways.” — John F. Kenedy